Here's our Story

ObliquePyramid has founded on the basis of the idea that the landscape of marketing is changing at a fast pace with new mediums and innovative ways to connect with the Target Audience. Hence all businesses will need to out-source a higher level of expertise to lead digital marketing and engagement in order to keep pace with the evolving world of consumers and products.
We not only create marketing experiences for our clients, but also help them in their product development on the basis of data-driven and performance-focused solutions.
While we put client success ahead of our own, this effort is geared towards clients to launch, scale, and sustain businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models.

The entrepreneurial team
with extensive experience in digital,
technology and marketing
at your disposal

Experienced Team

We are proud to have a highly experienced team, having worked in more than 15 countries with multi-cultural work experience. The leadership team has an average of more than 15 years of work experience. The team combines people from various industries, client servicing, and entrepreneurial background.


Our basic philosophy and work culture combines effectiveness, continuous optimization and returns on investment for our clients. Our belief is to work on a long-term relationship with our clients and growing together as businesses. If you believe in this, let us get connected and start exploring working together.


We always go a step further in understanding our client’s business and putting together our consulting hat to drive maximum ROI on Marketing spend. We become a part of the execution and make sure that we see the success and enhance ROI together along with the client.


We work with interesting start-ups to large multi-national and social sector organizations. Our customers products/ services are in both segments of B2B as well as B2C. The only difference we want to make to our clients is growth and success. You can see some of our selected work references in our case studies section.

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