All You Need is Facebook Catalogue

Let Your Dynamic Ads Fly!!

Guess how cool and profitable it will be to lead your customers directly from your social media platforms, With just one click and bang, you got a new sale! Well, now it’s possible. Facebook and Instagram are here with a new tool called Catalog Manager that allows companies now to store a catalog of their products to then use in social media ads. And you can connect it to multiple channels for better response and service such as Instagram Shopping, dynamic ads, collection ads, Page shop and more. Let’s learn how we can set a Facebook catalog and how we can make the best use of it.

How to Add a Product Catalog to Facebook?

  1. All you have to do is first create a file that contains a list of all the products you want to advertise or show. You can easily create the catalog with the help of Woocommerce Facebook Catalog Plug-in or Easy Digital Downloads Facebook Product Catalog Plug-in.
  2. Create the category and add details such as ID, name of the product, what category it comes under, the image URL and its availability
  3. Now go to the Business Manager Settings and select Product Catalogs. And from there you can Add a New Product Catalog.
  4. Copy your XML feed URL now & select Add Product Feed, give it a name and then click Next. Paste the URL and hit the Upload.

Now that your catalog is ready and uploaded, you can use it multiple ways, you can grow your business at a big level with the help of this catalog feature.

How to Grow your Business with Facebook Catalog

Let’s explore the use of the Facebook catalog and how the Facebook catalog is beneficial for your brand. You can run your dynamic ads and other ads for better sales and growth using the created catalog.

Run Dynamic Ads

You know dynamic ads promote your products to the people who have triggered certain activity or event types on your site, app or at any other place on the internet.

Tag Products in Post

One of the latest features Facebook is offering to you is the opportunity to tag your products from the product catalog in posts. When someone will come and click on the tag, they will be taken to the designated page to get more information about the product.

Facebook Ads Collection

The Facebook ads collection gives a brand the chance to boost connection and engagement with the audience. By sharing your images, products & videos with the product link and catalog to buy them.

So, now you know how to set a catalog for your business and how to make the best use of it. Updating Facebook Catalog is easy but impressive at the same time, try it today and let us know how effective it was for you.

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