What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization is the process that helps you in making your app being presented to the right audience at the right time. It also helps in higher ranking in the App Store, by utilizing the app store algorithm. This process optimizes your app’s metadata, keywords, review, ratings, etc. so that your app can get more organic downloads/ engagements.

Why It is Important for the App’s Growth?

App store optimization plays a significant role in the app’s ranking. It is an important part of app growth. With ASO you can improve the ranking of your app in the App Store’s search result.

  • App store optimization can improve the conversion rates of the app.
  • It can increase the number of organic downloads, which is relevant.
  • App Store Optimization provides more visibility to your app in the App Store.

How Does App Store Optimization Work?

Process of App Store Optimization is not that easy, constant monitoring of the changes in the app store algorithm required in its process. You should have a deep knowledge of keywords & market competition, and of the other factors required to control it.
Let’s look into the process,

App Store Optimization Process

Once you’re done with the development of your app, the next is to decide the place where you will publish your app. The majority of developers decide the App Store for IOS & Google Play for Android.  And you can go for both in case you decide to develop your app for both platforms.

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