Content creation is the process through which we produce the content for a brand, website, mobile app, products/services, social media etc., and then distribute using digital platforms. We always follow your brand guidelines, style of communication with your potential customers for brand engagement for its products/services.

The content creation process is a highly interactive and creative process, which involves brand strategist, storytellers, creative writers and visual designers/video editors, etc.

Different Types of Digital Content that we create

With the time there has been a lot of innovations in content including formats, type and type of interactions.

Below are some examples.

● Web Pages, Blogs & Articles

● Guest Blogs

● Videos

● Streaming

● Infographics

● User-Generated Content

● Email Marketing

● Company News

● Customer Support Stories

● ‘What do & what to not do’ Posts


● Instagram Stories/Facebook Stories

● Interactive Content (quizzes, poles, etc.)

● Video Reels

● Video Storytelling

Content Creation & Marketing Process

We follow the following five steps process for Content Creation & Marketing.

● Plan and Program:-  Design what we need to deliver the goal, we take out from the digital marketing strategy and design as per the requirement.

● Idea Generation & Production: This part includes generating the idea which matches the deliverables.

Implement: Implement the idea and which we have generated, we produce the material and publish them

Distribute: Identify the audience and distribute the material on multiple platforms.

Analysis: Make sure the success of the campaign makes it more effective and productive for better reach and growth by not only incorporating previous recommendations but also building recommendations for following processes.

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