Digital First Strategy – Next Normal

Digital-first is the latest mantra in the business universe. Most of the businesses adopted this strategy for constant growth in their business. Some organisations made them digital a long time ago, but this pandemic sped up the pace of digital adoption. Those who made their reach digital were on the good side & those who didn’t face a major loss. But it’s never late.

So what is the Digital-first Strategy?

It is the strategy that gives you the tools to understand your customers, how they’re engaged with your brand & to understand your competitors. Now traditional marketing approaches don’t work effectively and the reason is that most of the targeted audience is on Social media now.

For this, a perfect example can be of Banking
Most of the banks are online now. Banks understood the nature of the new market & audience, came up with online banking, now no need to stand in the long queue to make a payment, we can make it anytime, from anywhere.

You can look at other examples as well such as Contactless Hotel Services, Online Learning Etc.

So, how can you adopt a digital-first strategy?

A company with a Digital-first strategy can grow & make a significant change in the market with its brand as it has the tools, skills, processes & culture to successfully operate in today’s time.

  1.       Mobile supportive website: The website gives visibility to your business & IT gets new consumers. And other social media users can also come there:
  • Social media profiles such (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.)
  • Advertising profiles (Ad banners & yellow pages online.)
  • Other business platforms (rating & review websites)
  • Your website must be friendly for all the users from Smartphone to desktop, it should be easy to use.

 Oblique Pyramid will help you in making an easy to use & customer friendly website. 

  1.   Use of Digital Marketing for Promotion: Digital marketing is the best platform to reach the audience for rapid growth & a vast amount of profit. Users can use 1000+ ways to promote your brand.
  2. Business blogs.
  3. Mobile apps.
  4. Search engine marketing.
  5. Email marketing.
  6. Social media ads.
  7. eBooks.
  8. Mobile banner adds, etc.
  9. Go for an online store: Do you know how profitable & easy it will be after setting up an online store. The online store will give you a vast amount of consumers for your product. It’s even cheaper than a physical store & you will get a global reach, anyone can buy your products from anywhere. Having an online business will minimise your operating costs.
  10. Customer relationships: For a successful business it is most important to have customer interaction & in a digital-first strategy it happens via mobile device, desktop computer, phone call or social media. And for a better relationship, you can use CRM (Customer relationship management), CRM observes the customers like their taste, preferences & then you can work according to that to provide better service.
  11. Supplier interaction: You need to build a strong relationship with your supply chain. Automating information exchanges between your business and the suppliers can help in making a strong relationship & interactions. A better relationship will save your money & will reduce mistakes. By approaching them for a digital platform basically, you will help yourself.

 You can adopt these changes for the growth of your business, the end goal of your business is customer satisfaction, taking your business digitally will make a great impact on it & you will recover from your previous losses & in the pandemic world, this will be crucial for your business to survive.

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