As a part of our E-Commerce consulting process, we provide you with the right knowledge and advice for your eCommerce growth and success. We have years of experience working in various types of eCommerce businesses and will extend our knowledge to your business for its effective running and growth. It includes everything from a better marketing strategy to its execution for effective growth, user experience and engagement.

We will help you with dos and don’ts, what converts and what doesn’t and what’s a systematic approach to reach specific business goals.

Whether you’re running and selling through your own eCommerce Platform, Third-Party Platforms or through any other aggregator channel, our eCommerce experts will guide you through everything. We have the potential and strategies to make large or small changes to improve the conversion rates of your brand for a better ROI and future value creation of your customer LTV (LifeTime Value).s

Tasks of our eCommerce Consultants

Conversion optimization :-

We look into your brand and carry out a research in all areas considering every aspect. Then prepare the strategies most suitable for your business. For example- providing right information at right places about the products/ offers can help your visitors to get the information about the brand and what they have been looking for to help in their decision making. Which will eventually affect the conversion rates. Therefore our eCommerce consultants determine what exactly will work more effectively and how to make it work in stages.

Advertising :-

Advertising is the part, wherein we can make a bigger change. It is all about determining the type of campaigns. Google ads work differently than Facebook ads, we make a separate execution plan for both of them and other platforms as well. Our consultants determine the platform for campaigns effectively and then make the best strategy for it. We constantly monitor which campaigns are performing well & determine whether changes are required or not for better conversion, sales and quality of leads. We use machine learning, data science and many other techniques for a continuous improvement process.

Monitoring Reviews & Customer Services :-

Reviewing & monitoring can be time-consuming but it is important. A brand will know how much it’s customers are responsive towards the brand & products. We ensure that all your customers and reviews related problems are resolved. You might find it difficult to handle the queries of customers and potential customers and at that time you will need someone who can save and can quickly respond as per the need and requirement of the time. We solve & take an instant action for it to save our brands from a large number of lost sales including manual support and integrated support using AI bots.

Navigating additional marketplaces :-

There are plenty of rooms to explore and expand your eCommerce business but with this, a new set of rules, strategies and processes come and that’s what we are here for. Use of our  eCommerce consulting services will be a lot of relief because we make a perfect set of plans, strategies for the smooth running of your brand. You can get additional marketplaces and raise your sales rapidly.

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