Chatbot vs. Live Chat: which is right for you?

Chatbot vs. Live Chat

Well, if we compare chatbot vs live chat, businesses are discovering new ways to create close ties with their customers as chatbots arise. According to marketing experts, by 2022, 85 percent of consumers will be able to manage their connections with businesses without human touch.” 

Chat is increasingly becoming many customers’ preferred method of communicating with brands. And many companies offer a live chatbot on websites. From resolving problems to learning more about a company’s products or services, customer service live chat chatbots are quick and efficient. Without the significant wait times associated with phone conversations or rounds of back-and-forth emails.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the way organizations connect with their customers. Businesses are quickly transitioning from transactional to conversational partnerships. Yet sometimes we still don’t know whether chatbots are inferior for chatting or not.

What are Chatbots?

Live chat chatbots or customer service bots are primarily intended to enhance the customer experience by automating sales and customer care. In terms of chatbot benefits and drawbacks, bots are always available to engage customers by answering simple questions. And pre-qualifying leads by asking appropriate questions.

In live chatbot examples, you can view bots interacting with customers on websites, apps, and messaging apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger,  etc. Customers are using the online chatbot for free or customer service bots whenever they want. You may create a bot that suits your business aims by researching.

What is Live Chat?

Users can contact sales and support staff via live chat to receive real-time assistance. It is the most favored proactive channel since it provides real-time assistance. 70% of customers prefer live chat, and nearly two-thirds of customers who use a chat platform are more likely to return to a website and make another transaction.

It is an essential component of a successful customer service toolbox that provides the best level of client satisfaction when compared to email and phone.

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Chatbot vs. Live Chat: which is right for you?

Well, both are used in terms of providing good customer service. Live chat involves a live conversation between a company’s employee and a customer or lead. In comparison, chatbots or customer service bots refer to automated conversations with a customer or prospect and software. You can find live chatbots on websites frequently. 

Live chat chatbots can answer a range of predefined questions, such as, “What are your opening hours?”, or “Do you deliver to Seattle?”. More sophisticated AI customer service bots or chatbots can help customers with tasks such as subscription renewals, changing an address, or ordering food.

Chatbots are inferior for chatting, yes or no? 

We can find the answer to this question after discussing the Pros and Cons of live chat vs live agent.

Chatbot vs. Live Chat: Pros & Cons


The most obvious advantage of chatbots is their availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can use live chatbots on websites anytime.

Live chat vs live agent, customer service bots as compared with real workers (live chats) do not need to eat, sleep, or take sick days, and they can even work on weekends. This implies that your clients may get rapid responses to simple issues on their own time, rather than during your office hours.

And what if the chatbot is unable to answer a client query in a live chatbot on websites or messenger? As it is too complex or sometimes requires human interaction?

It can still generate a case report and a ticket number for your personnel to follow up on during normal business hours. This also makes the workload of your human staff much more bearable.

Response Time

The amount of time a customer or prospect must wait before receiving an answer to their inquiry is referred to as response time. It is important to note that “reaction time” is not the same as “resolution time”. (The amount of time it takes to fix a customer’s inquiry or issue).

Based on speed and efficiency, chatbots or customer service bots give substantially faster response times and reduced hold times than live agent chat.


In many elements of customer service, chatbots already outperform real agent support. However, one distinct benefit that humans have retained is the ability to personalize discussions.

A live person can change their writing and language tone based on a customer’s emotional condition. If a company receives an inbound live chat from a customer. Then the employee can communicate according to the tone of the customer.


The annual cost of a chatbot subscription is typically less than the wage of a single customer agent. Basically, online chatbot for free as compared to monthly wages.


When you think about how many team members you’d need to hire as your company grows, you will move forward to “chatbots are inferior for chatting”. It becomes a much more appealing and feasible option. Who explores websites, Live chatbot on websites that you can find working nicely. So, it is up to the company what they choose between Chatbot vs. Live Chat or live agent.

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