The development process is all about developing an application for mobile devices, which can be pre-installed or downloaded and the user can install that later using available app stores.

Mobile app development has roots that are connected to more traditional software development. This process requires the creation of software that can be installed on the device and can enable backend service for data access through APIs.  Most of the time mobile apps are written to exploit the unique features of a particular mobile device.

For the development of a better and effective app, we consider a lot of things such as screen sizes, requirements of hardware and some other aspects of the development process.

Mobile App Development Platforms

MADP (mobile app development platform) is a software platform that allows you to develop your app rapidly and test for smartphones.

Mainly there are two mobile app development platforms iOS for Apple Inc. and second Android for Google.

iOS is the proprietary mobile operating system of Apple for iPhones. Android is for the mobile devices manufactured by various OEMS, including Google.

We do carry out development for both the leading platforms.

What to Choose iOS or Android Platform?

The market has users of both iOS and Android. It’s around 50-50 in between these two, however depending on the audience, one of the platforms can be the initial launch platform, and can be extended further for the second platform.

The customer you are looking for can be on any platform or on both of them and as it’s your potential customer you won’t like to lose it. So, sometimes building an app for both platforms is a good option but it requires a lot of things. Both platforms have their separate requirements and functionality. It requires an adequate budget and time to develop a separate app for both platforms. And maintaining those two apps separately can be time-consuming.

Choose cross-platform development for better user experience and functionality. All you need is one development team handling and publishing for both platforms. It will be a saving of time and you are no more required to have a budget and time to maintain apps separately.

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