ORM (online reputation management) refers to monitoring and improving the online image of your business. How you will represent your business and how others will perceive it.

This includes finding out what a potential customer will discover about a brand, its people and its product in the digital world. Various strategies and techniques can help you out with this, but all you need is a well-planned set of actions to perform.

Impacts of ORM on a Business

Online reputation management is not about the management of content in search engines, social media only, it also includes client satisfaction & positive feedback on your brand.

Let’s understand the PESO model to know the importance and impacts of ORM on your business.

These channels play an important role in the online image of your business.

Paid Media

All the efforts that required payment to feature a business on external websites & networks come under paid media marketing.  This part works on PPC advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook display ads, video ads etc.  It drives traffic to your site and builds a new relationship with customers.

Earned Media

This part of media plays a role in describing the coverage of a business on external web entities, where you aren’t paying.  For this, we work on the quality of content, product & services so you can stand out from the crowd.

Social Media

Pages & profiles work as the extension of your brand & create additional avenues for people, so people can interact. When it comes to the social media properties of a brand, we work on publishing fresh content regularly for engagement and interaction. It works best to have an active profile on social media platforms.

Owned Properties

You have full control over the business properties owned by you such as your websites, blog, etc.  So it is about making the best use of it. It will increase the chance of effective growth and a better digital presence and that’s what we work for.  we connect your property for the better digital presence of your brand.

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