Search engine optimization technique (SEO) for beginners | Top strategies

Digital marketing is rapidly growing with lots of updates and changes. Every time you search for e-commerce SEO techniques, Google shows you an updated strategy that you’ll need to follow.

A proper SEO (search engine optimization) guide for beginners in marketing, getting organic traffic is always important. The process of devising and putting into action methods to boost organic search engine rankings is what you need to do. 

If you use the right e-commerce SEO tactics of Google, you can easily beat all strategies of Google update and get a ranking.  

What is the never-changing Seo technique?

The thing that would never be out of fashion in the case of SEO digital marketing while targeting organic traffic is “Keyword”. 

Target long keywords

Long keywords are way much better as compared to short ones. It reveals why individuals search for something specific rather than just what they’re looking for. In SEO marketing, compared to shorter terms, they currently account for a higher search volume. 

Using lengthy keywords got placed in the ranking list as they are more specific, in the past long keywords had a lower search volume than short keywords but eventually, they stole the limelight.

Nowadays crawlers can easily spot long-tail keywords, you just need to identify long-tail keywords with a high search volume and low competition that are connected to your chosen topic.

Placing of Keywords

Keywords in the SEO technique play the most important role that we must know how to place. To do proper SEO marketing you have to keep that in mind where keywords are necessary. When you utilize keywords in headers, you tell search engines and consumers that your content matches the search terms’ target intent. Keywords added in headers can provide context for search engine bots in the same way that a table of contents does for users.

Well, focusing keywords are recommended by Google and SEO experts as well, you have to use your focused keyword at least in the title, header, description, headings, and para. Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO need an accurate amount of keyword placing. 

Before determining where to insert your target for your SEO content keywords or other variations, think about the user experience and Google’s recommendations. However, this does not imply that keywords should be forced into place if they do not make sense. At all costs, avoid keyword stuffing. 

Alt text for Image

Alternative text is also a very effective SEO technique to have traffic. Putting the right alt text on an article’s image will give organic traffic. Every time a user searches for something that matches your alt text, your blog image will appear on the Google image section. 

But this is not the main work that alt text does. When an image cannot be loaded onto a page, the alt text shows as a substitute to give readers context, and with a secondary keyword, it works more effectively.

Users who are visually disabled have their alt text read out loud to them using a screen reader. Unfortunately, 55 percent of e-commerce sites do not meet basic accessibility requirements.

Search engine crawlers use alt text to assist them in properly indexing a picture. Google also stated that alt text is still vital for e-commerce SEO.

Use of different types of Media

Apart from images, there are many ways to do digital marketing via videos, audio clips, ads, GIFs, e-books, emails, and text messages. Using these approaches you can increase your SERP more efficiently is an SEO technique too. 

Getting organic traffic with just a blog will be that much help but using multimedia in your article has chances to provide you with customers.

2022 SEO technique is all about social media Facebook, and Instagram. Insta posts and the top of that reels are on a hike is such a great feature for advertising. Short videos are in trend as they are easily viewed without taking much time and creativity. 

You just need to look for the perfect location to place your multimedia (audio, video, image, etc) in a blog with alt text. 

Have Users Mind

Thinking from the user’s perspective will give you a clear view of what to do and what is wanted. Google focuses on how much time a user spends on a page and where he clicks. So if your blog/article is not fulfilling users’ requirements, he will bounce from your page. With this SEO technique, you have to be smart and updated with market facts.  

Google began rolling out its core Page Experience improvement in 2021 since user experience has become such a key ranking component.


Seo backlinks/links will help you to stop users bouncing from the page and get them on your website. Users will eventually dive into your website through interlinks. Most SEO techniques suggest adding at least 3-4 internal or external links in your blog so that users spend more time on the page and then get on the site. Doing proper on-page and off-page SEO is important with  link building strategies.

As I above stated, Google takes time spent on the page into account when ranking your website. Another indicator is the amount of time spent on your entire website. Another important ranking component in Google’s algorithm.

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