Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of using social media & social networks to advertise and market a brand’s products and services. It provides a platform for a brand to engage with existing customers and to reach new customers. Allows you to promote your product and services with a desirable audience, culture and tone. SMM will help you to reach your high potential audience and customers effortlessly, where they might not be actively searching for your products & services but they have high affinity and potential.

SMM can be utilised for various types of objectives including brand awareness, content marketing, shopping, lead generation, conversions and remarketing. SMM will also help in growing your social media community.

How does Social Media Marketing (SMM) work?

Social media has changed the way we react, function and look at our surroundings. Even the way we connect with others. And being a brand you can make the best use of it. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. began to use the social media platforms for brand marketing purposes as they have the ability to influence consumer behaviour.

Social media allows brands to promote and interact with the audience. It offers a broad range of tactics and tools to promote content for the engagement and the growth of a business.

Here is the list of key pillars that we use for effective and productive social media marketing

  • Strategy:
    Determine the goals and then select the appropriate social media platform. And decide a type of content, which should be engaging and effective.
  • Planning and Publishing:
    Draft a plan of whatever we are working on. We will draft its content plan and look as per the brand guidelines and its business goals. The plan will include various types of content such as Videos, Images, Blogs, Posts, etc. along with the frequency of engagement.
  • Listening and Engagement:
    We monitor your users, customers, and other marketers. What they’re saying about the brand, services and how impactful your content is. What type of thoughts they’re having and how engaging the posts are. For this, we use and deploy various social media engagement tools, which are advisable for smooth growth.
  • Advertising:
    Advertising the brand, its products/ service is one of the best ways for better engagement and reach. We design and execute the process in a great way to promote the brand, its products and services, while developing a highly engaging social media community for a sustained future growth.

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