Web design and development is the process of creating a website. It has two major stages: web design and web development. Where web design works on the look and feel, UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience) of a website and web development works on its functions.  It is the process of transforming your website into a visually presented story.

Front-end development & back-end development of a Website

Website design and development has two parts in it, which is about the representation and development of it.

Part one is what users will see and the second part is what users will not see. The first part which users will see is known as the front-end development.

Front end development includes all the things available in a browser such as a website’s colour, layout, font and images, all the things which visually represent your brand comes under this section. The part which goes into the website’s branding and usability comes under this and tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. are used in this process. 

And for the implementation of the design coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used and the use of these languages to implement the design is known as front-end development.  These languages give possibilities of a platform where users can interact with the help of buttons, text, contact forms, images, and navigation menus. 

Back-end development is about what users will not see. To store and organize a data back-end required and website needs the same. So whenever you fill any information on a website at its front end that data will be automatically saved in the back end, basically it will be stored in a database of a server. So this is how it works from the front-end development to its back-end development website is connected to both. 

We choose the right kind of technology and development frameworks best suitable for the brands as per their budget and needs.

Elements of Web design

Designing a website is an art and you need to be an artist, it’s like painting in detail, it is about dramatizing, synthesizing and clarifying an event, product, word or picture. 

Web designers are problem solvers, they work to solve every problem and issue faced by users. The website’s interface should be user friendly, so users can make it easy to go where they want to go and can explore whatever they want to go for.  A user-friendly website interface allows users  to be at your site for a long period of time as it makes them feel easy to surf at your website while a complicated user interface will make a user frustrated and they won’t stick that much around your website.  So what really decides the interface of a website? 

It’s designing elements, these elements somehow improves the experience of a user at your site.

Given are the elements in Designing 


Visual Hierarchy






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