Why Copywriters Need To Know Analytics Too

Marketing copywriters have a very important job to do in online and digital marketing. Not only do they create the first level of engagement with the customer, their work can also provide the much needed impetus in the lead conversion process; to convince the seeker to become a buyer. Thus to keep up with the swiftly changing media landscape, marketing copywriters can no longer afford to be kept insulated from the metrics of analytics.

Most digital marketing strategies include writing copy that is crisp, clear, persuasive, and relevant. Customer engagement and online lead conversion rest on the platform of the quality of content that a digital marketing plan can provide. To be familiar with Google analytics is to know how effective one’s copywriting actually is. It is no longer the case that copywriting is an art that is impossible to measure. It most certainly is an art, but now there are metrics that can help digital marketers and marketing copywriters to be more effective and convert and generate more customer engagement.

Marketing copywriters are not just writers. They are consultants to the customer. The customer gets their queries resolved through the content; answering the basic questions of ‘is this what I need?’ and ‘will this do?’. Marketing copywriters must generate content to target and engage specific customers in specific fields. It is naive for digital marketers to think that price is the only determining factor in a customer purchase and providing the lowest price for a product will ensure sales. While lowest costs may be one of the factors, different customers are looking for different things, and marketing copywriters must be able to speak to each different set of these customers. Analytics will be able to help convey to the copywriter what customers are looking for, and help them build content that is tailor-made for their specific needs.

In the online insurance industry, for example, women drivers would rather pick a package that gives them better round-the-clock on-road support than the cheapest one. And someone with a high-end luxury car may look for look for complete coverage in terms of cost and a larger reimbursement in case of severe damage or theft. Thus marketing copywriting becomes an important tool in the digital marketing arsenal and analytics will help copywriters engage better with their customers.

The funnel analogy suggests that a consumer narrows down her initial consideration systematically by comparing options, make decisions and then buying products. The post sale phase determines the consumer’s loyalty to the brand and her preference to buy the product again. Marketing strategists are ‘pushed’ to market their products, businesses, and brands at each stage of the funnel analogy to influence consumer behaviour.

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